10 Bedtime Thoughts That Stress You Out

What keeps you awake at night? Mine is usually my brain overthinking EVERY LITTLE THING POSSIBLE!

Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. How's your health? 
  2. Did you lock all the doors?
  3. Why did you think that eating an entire wheel of cheese right before bedtime was a good idea? 
  4. Are you a good offspring? 
  5. Were you a decent human being today or a total waste of space? 
  6. Remember your ex? How are THEY doing? 
  7. What did that person mean when they said that one thing? 
  8.  What happened with your former BFF? 
  9. Is your phone trying to tell you something really important right now or is it just a useless notification you should have switched off but never did?
  10. What was that sound?

Do those keep you awake?

Mac At Night

Mac At Night

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