7 Annoying Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media If You're Engaged

It's understandable that you'd want to shout from the rooftops about your engagement. However, there's a way to share your excitement without annoying your friends and family. Here are seven obnoxious things to avoid doing on social media after getting a ring on your finger, courtesy of Elite Daily:

Don't post a zoomed-in photo of your hand with a ring on it. Nobody wants to see your claw hand (no offense) while scrolling through their newsfeed. It comes across as braggy, and you seem like you care more about the ring than the person. 

Don't post some long soliloquy about love and finding the right person. We know you are happy and in love since you are pledging to marry this person, but there is no need to get all Shakespearean about it. Don't start calling your partner “your fiancé” every time you post something about them. There are times when this is totally appropriate, but overall, try to avoid it. Did their name change? No? Then stop acting like it. File this one away for when you are married, too. Nothing is worse than seeing people referred to as “husband” or “hubby” as if it was their first name. You sound like a 6-year-old playing house. 

Don't start posting about every little part of your wedding planning. No one cares. Really, we don’t. The people who want to know will ask. It’s fine to post about landmark things every now and then, but nobody wants a play-by-play.

Don't post a wedding day countdown. Again, no one cares. If you want to create private pages for things like this that you will only share with close friends and family, that’s totally fine. But no one else cares about this. Like before, a posting of a bigger milestone here and there is totally fine, but no more than that is necessary. 

Don't sporadically post pictures from right after you got engaged to remind people you are engaged. The people who need to know you’re engaged will not forget, and the people who hate-stalk your profile will also not forget. But no one else needs a photo flashback reminder of the moment every week. If you want this for yourself, print out pictures and hang them around your desk or your home. 

Don't post a ton of pictures of you two being “adorable” with some vomit-inducing caption like, “I can’t wait to marry my best friend and the love of my life.” Isn’t all of that implied by the fact that YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED? 

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