First Date Ideas, By Day of the Week

Where should you go on a first date? Well, that depends on what day of the week it is, says Post Grad Problems, which came up with the following first-date schedule for all seven days:

  1. Monday: Nowhere. You should not be attempting a first date on the worst day of the week. You’ve been fighting off a two-day hangover at work, you’re at your most bloated from ingesting six thousand calories of alcohol and tater tots over the weekend, and you haven’t even looked at your bank account for fear of that half-memory of buying Patron shots for the whole bar wasn’t just a nightmare. Basically, you’re not on your A-Game. Heck, you’re barely on your D-Game. If you don’t feel good, look good, and visibly wince when you get the check, you’re not going to get a second date.
  2. Tuesday: This is the day to go to a sporting event. I’d recommend sticking to the minor leagues, since going to, say, an NBA game on a first date feels like a try-hard move. Plus, minor-league games more likely to have an authentic, unique, feel to it, and it’s something you can watch casually in between conversation without feeling like you need to be 100 percent focused. Grab a hot dog, pick out a ball cap you look good in, and seem down-to-earth and interesting without having to carry the entertainment with conversation the whole night.
  3. Wednesday: Wednesday just feels like a classic dinner date night. It’s far enough in the week where both parties will be back at a 100 percent and ready to enjoy some lively conversation. This is only the move with someone you’re definitely into and think could lead somewhere, however. If you’re on the fence about them, or think it could be awkward, definitely shy away from dropping $80 and committing two hours to a conversation full of long pauses and one-word answers.
  4. Thursday: This is the king of date nights. Not only can you really pick and choose any of the preceding dates, you can also add “and drinks” to the end of them. By Thursday, even those with the meanest hangovers will have started looking forward to the weekend again, and will have no problem taking the edge off with a drink or seven. 
  5. Friday: Invite them to a house party or catch a concert. Yes, inviting someone to a house party may seem like immature first date, but don’t let that stop you. Anyone who is too stuck up to accept an invitation to a party isn’t someone you want to date anyway. Plus, you get to see how they interact with your friends, and the casual setting allows for people to present a more honest version of themselves instead of the polished act everyone puts on for first dates. If a house party is not an option, a concert is a great alternative. It’s fun, it’s different, and you may even get to grind on each other like 15-year-olds at the homecoming dance. That kind of nostalgia just breeds a good time.
  6. Saturday: Get out and do something active. So few people utilize Saturday for first dates, but it’s the only day where you can see someone during the daytime. You can go for a hike, kayak, or if you’re one of those freaks that enjoys running, I guess you could do that together. Personally, I’d pick a relatively easy hike with a view, pack a backpack of snacks and wine, and get a little buzzed in nature. Just don’t make it too over-the-top with a whole picnic set up or you’ll look like a clinger.
  7. Sunday: Two words. Brunch. Date. Sure, it’s a weird move, but you know what else it is? Memorable. Stand out from the other three people your date is no doubt chatting with on various apps and make a name for yourself as “that dude/chick that I got faded off mimosas with for our first date.”

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