PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: National Coffee Day!

Aries – Spicy Mexican Mocha

You're confident in the choices you make and you’re are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone. So, the next time you're looking to grab a coffee, why not opt for something just as sweet and spicy as you, Aries?

Taurus- Lavender Latte

You like the sweet life, Taurus. Earthy and practical by nature, you're the type to take the leisurely path, and you definitely don't feel the need to prove you're the best at something. 

Gemini – Double Shot Macchiato

You like to keep busy and tend to pack your social calendar to the brim, spreading yourself too thin. Therefore, you need something highly caffeinated yet smooth and delicious for your daily pick-me-up.

Cancer – Caramel Latte

The next time you're laid up for a lazy Saturday morning with your favorite book, drinking something "buttery, warm, and comforting." A caramel latte is right up your ally.

Leo- Red Velvet Frappé

The outgoing scene stealer of the zodiac needs a drink to match. Your fire sign energy means you like to try out new things and set trends. A simple cold brew or vanilla latte won't be good for you. But something fun and indulgent, like a red velvet frappé with fancy syrup will.

Virgo- Classic Medium Roast

"Virgos don’t have time for too much flair so a good quality medium roast is good enough,". "Add a dash of oat milk or drink it black, depending on your mood." 

Libra –Rose Latte

"A vanilla or rose-flavored latte is different enough to suit a Libra's exquisite taste, but of course, don’t forget the whipped cream. This drink also has the balanced flavor profile that Libra craves.

Scorpio – Coffee Frappé

Scorpio gets deep when it comes to the things you care about most, whether it's your career, hobbies, or romantic relationships but you tend to run red hot when things get overwhelming. So just cool yourself down with a frozen coffee frappé.

Sagittarius – Turkish Pistachio Coffee

As an adventurous and fun-loving fire sign, Sagittarians thrive in unexpected situations and can go with the flow. In turn, you're probably used to a bad cup of coffee thanks to always being on the go. But switch things up and treat yourself every now and then

Capricorn – Iced Cold Brew

Practical, organized, and ambitious, you like to keep things straight and to the point. You've got a lot to accomplish on any given day, which means you don't have time to wait around for a complicated coffee order. Some may say you're dull for not switching it up, but for you, it's more important to conserve your time and energy for the things that get you where you want to go in life.

Aquarius – Matcha Latte

Aquarians like to think outside the box. They will express your unique perspectives any chance you get, and you encourage others to embrace their weirdness as well. While you do require "an efficient flow of caffeine to make [your] dreams come to life, you also want to be ahead of the trends

Pisces – Turmeric Latte

You're the dreamer of the zodiac and you’re constantly seeking variety in life.The coffee you order will vary depending on your mood and since you're considered the most sensitive zodiac sign, "caffeine might not be the best thing for you- opt for a turmeric latte

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