Dating is rough. How do you know that the person you’re going out with is a good one? Especially if you’re looking for something serious, there’s lots of different types you should be weary of dating… like losers. 

But how do you know if the person you’ve been going out with or chatting with on an app is a loser? Look out for these signs, and if you see them in the person, well, they’re probably a loser. 

1. They need to do everything with you. 

2. They always need your attention. 

3. They use sex as a weapon. 

4. They flirt with everyone. 

5. They’re very high-maintenance. 

6. They use you to make their friends jealous. 

7. They blame their parents for everything. 

8. They only want to be rich and popular. 

9. They do absolutely nothing for you. 

10. They always fish for compliments. 

11. They want kids for none of the right reasons. 

12. They want to climb the social ladder. 

13. They can never be single. 

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