Disney+ Had Over 10 MILLION Subscribers On Day One

While many in the industry thought it would take longer to hit the 10 Million Subscriber mark, Disney announced they passed that number in just one day! While there isn't a breakout of how many of those 10 Million are Verizon customers who are receiving the service for free for the first year, one would assume that it has helped bulk that number up a bit. The Steaming service is $6.99 a month or you can do a whole year for $70 and features just about every Disney movie or show ever made. A few random's are missing but having checked this out the last two days, there's quite a bit to choose from. Add in the Star Wars and Marvel movies and it's absolutely worth the low monthly price. PLUS (no pun intended LOL) you have the option to download certain movies and shows on your device to watch on the go. Pretty freaking cool.

While some were effected by some technical glitches on launch day, I was one of the lucky ones and LOVE the new service. Just do it already.. Don't be scared LOL


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