Do You Have A "Lucky" Sports Jersey?

So, we all have weird superstisoins.. One of mine is lucky jerseys or hats when certain teams are playing,, If I'm wearing a hat hosting the Colorado Eagles Game and they lose, I won't wear that hat to the next game. I have certain Broncos jerseys that I always wear for luck too! Although those haven't been doing their jobs lately LOL One that has always worked this post season is my old school sky blue, #15 Carmello Anthony Jersey for the Nuggets! Every game I wore it all game.. They've won! Games I put it on late, or forgot, they'd lose.. Great news! I've got it on right now, so we're WINNING game 1 of the 2nd round tonight! Reason I'm telling you this.. Is because it may appear I only have one jersey that I'm wearing every other day.. NOT true! It's just the lucky one! LOL I have many outfits.. I promise.. But as Bud Light has said.. It's only weird, if it doesn't work! GO NUGGETS!


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