Did Arizona CHEAT To Beat Our Rockies?!

So after coming to terms with the fact that Rocktober was over before it even started and got re-excited about how well my team did this year I wake up to THIS?! Apparently MLB is investigating why one of the D-back's coaches was wearing an Apple Watch type of device in the dug out. The Red Sox were recently nailed doing this to potentially stealing signs from the catchers so the batter knew what pitch was coming. This would absolutely explain why a PITCHER, who's barely even gotten a single base hit, nail TRIPLE last night to being in two runs! MLB does NOT allow electronic devices in the dugout for this very reason. I'm going to be beyond bummed if this is true as our Rockies played their hearts out and came back to almost win the right way! No, it's not likely that they tell AZ to sit and bring the Rockies back in but they should! Damn shame.. See the official story HERE GO ROCKIES!! 


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