Pilot Removed After Bizarre Intercom Rant! Scary!

This is wild! A pilot was removed from a United Airlines flight on Saturday after she used the plane's intercom system to announce that she was getting a divorce and rant about politics. The pilot showed up for the flight in her street clothes, pointed out an interracial couple sitting in first class and called both President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton "a**holes." At least 20 passengers asked to be let off the plane after witnessing her behavior. "She said, 'Sorry I’m late; the reason I’m late is I’m going through a divorce.'" passengerRandy Reiss told BuzzFeed News. “It quickly went from playful to scary. She was just in a bad place emotionally and should not have been flying." United Airlines called for a new pilot and gave passengers meal vouchers and snacks during the delay. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the company said they will be discussing the incident with the pilot. I'd also assume she'll be given some time off to get herself in mental shape to fly again. Holy cow! #NotMyPilot 



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