My thoughts on national No DIET DAY

With it being “No Diet Day” I figured I would share my two cents on dieting in general. It’s been almost a year since I started my diet journey with Benchmark Medical Group, I lost over 100lbs so far, but haven’t gone much further than that and I’m the only one to blame. Dieting is hard, especially in this line of work! Always on the go and FREE FOOD & DRINKS at events makes it feel damn near impossible. But somehow, I fought through all of that to drop weight. After time, I felt the need to “reward” myself with bad food. Those rewards went from once a month, to once a week, to “I’ll just diet a few times this week”. Now, I’m back on my journey and the pounds are starting to fall off again, but it has been a huge struggle to finally get back on it full force.

My point here, is that you have to reward yourself, especially with strict dieting. But you have to be very careful and set firm boundaries with those rewards. It’s easy to fall back into old habits and sadly, the weight sticks around/comes back on quicker than it comes off. 

So if you’re faithfully dieting, keep it up! If you feel like you deserve an award for dieting, go for it! Just don’t get carried away. Remember, you made this decision to diet for a reason, don’t lose sight of that. It never gets easier, you just get better! :)

Keep up the fight!!!

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