These Stories Have Me Thinking Twice About Getting a Tattoo

I don't have any tattoos.... YET. Although I think I would like to get some once I lose all this weight with my current endorsement through Benchmark Medical Group :)

BUT! This stories really have me thinking twice about getting tattoos lol.

Buzzfeed asked its readers to share their personal tattoo horror stories. Here are 10 that are bound to make you cringe (check out the full list at the link):
  1. "At a Memorial Day party about six years ago, a friend of mine got tattooed by a guy who was so drunk he forgot to use ink." 
  2. "I had an apprentice do my tattoo. They didn't tell me they were an apprentice. Asked for an octopus and got basically the outline of a Pac-Man ghost. I'm on my last laser treatment to remove it now." 
  3. "My tattoo artist sneezed and his pen bumped into my arm. I now have this little squiggly line on my forearm that will be there forever." 
  4. "My parents allowed me to get a tattoo for my 16th birthday because we were told by the tattooist that it fades then disappears after 5-7 years. I wanted something deep and meaningful so obviously I went for a rose and tribal tattoo on my lower back. Fast-forward 15 years and 31-year-old me still has the tattoo that has not faded. Not one bit." 
  5. "I got a tiny heart tattoo on my chest and during the process the artist decided to BLAST Nickelback and sing along. Ugh."
  6. "I asked the guy tattooing me for a Russian doll and it came out looking like a weird little butt plug." 
  7. "My friend decided her first tattoo was going to be orchids on her arm. When telling the tattoo artist her idea, he didn't even know what orchids looked like, even though he had one on his desk. Her arm now looks like there are several vaginas on it." 
  8. "I was 17 years old, at a New Year's Eve party, and significantly intoxicated. I got a rough drawing of a rocket ship after my favorite band Patent Pending. It looks like a 3-year-old drew it. When I was a day care teacher the kids used to ask to color it." 
  9. "My best friend was in town visiting and we wanted to get matching tattoos. We decided on Cupid. She had hers done on her ankle and I had mine done on the back side of my hip. Two different people did them at the shop. Hers looked like a happy, chubby cherub. Mine was too small and looked angry." 
  10. "When I got my second tattoo, the artist asked who did my first tattoo so I told him. Apparently the two artists had a huge rivalry and he got so worked up and angry talking about the other guy he lost his concentration and screwed up the outline. It looks like I let a child draw it."
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