Craziest Things People's Dogs Have Actually Eaten

Deadspin columnist Drew Magary's dog recently at a bag of flour, so he decided to ask the website's readers to email him the craziest things their pooches have ever devoured. The 16 most outrageous and/or hilarious answers are listed below (click on link for even more):

  1. Hockey puck
  2. Frisbee
  3. Entire plastic garbage can, lid and all
  4. Bottle of fish oil pills
  5. Three uncooked, bone-in chicken breasts
  6. Eighty buffalo wing bones
  7. Entire, uncooked, family-sized Papa Murphy’s pizza, including the cardboard oven tray
  8. Three large pumpkins
  9. An entire venison haunch
  10. “Our dog ate 2 jars of peanut butter + lids, an ice cream cake, & a chocolate cake. And a tray of grilled asparagus, I guess to be healthier?”
  11. Thirty Pop Tarts
  12. A two-pound ribeye steak, including the Ziploc bag it was stored in
  13. Two tennis balls
  14. AA battery
  15. Half a bag of lime (not the fruit, but the stuff you put on your yard)
  16. “Full pack of cigarettes, half a leather wallet and my ID. He didn't even throw up."
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