7 Tips for Dating a Single Dad

Just in time for Father’s Day, Elite Daily has compiled a list of seven tips for women who are interested in dating a single dad. Here they are:

    1. Understand that their child is (and always will be) #1. Love for a child and love for a romantic partner are obviously not the same thing, and they can co-exist peacefully. 
    2. Their child’s mother is always going to be a part of their life. He is always going to be in contact with his child’s mother; They have to make co-parenting work somehow.
    3. He’ll need you to remind him everything will be fine after an argument with his baby mama. He’s not asking you to provide a solution for whatever the situation may be; he just wants reassurance that you’re on his side. 
    4. He’ll be hesitant to introduce you to his child until things get serious. It’s all about avoiding the “revolving door”--the notion of introducing your kids to someone only to have that person exit your life shortly thereafter
    5. You’ll have to build a relationship with his kid, too. They’re a package deal. 
    6. You’ll have to accept that his responsibilities as a dad may interfere your plans. It’s important for him to be there when his child needs him.
    7. He’s probably not interested in just messing around. He’s looking for some stability in both his and his kid’s life. 
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