5SOS Goes Shopping In Target For Their Own Album

5SOS is back and better than ever! I've missed these guys! They've been around performing all over the place and now they took a pit stop at a Target in New Jersey to check out how their album is doing out on the shelf. 

Calum is mainly on the camera while the others are following behind. Cal roams around the Target looking for the new 5SOS CD "Youngblood" and when he finds it, he also finds some fans who kindly approach the group, explaining they are fans, picking up a CD and going to purchase it. 

I feel like if more people were in that Target at the time it would've been crazy! I bet some of their East Coast fans are bummed they missed out on bumping into them. 


The video is funny, as they walk around, nonchalant, just browsing their CD's, seeing who has been purchased more (I'm assuming each CD has an individual picture of each member of the band). Cal looks a little disappointed when he notices and says that the only CD's that are left are the bassist (Cal) and drummer (Ashton). 

Michael then tells Cal that the stores must've only stocked Cal CD's assuming they'll be the only ones that sell... what a great friend. Haha! 

These guys are hysterical and I'm so excited for them and their new album!

This goes to show you never know who you may run into while getting lost in all the goodness that is Target! 

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JoJo Wright

JoJo Wright

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