PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: How is The Month Of December Going To Go?


Ask yourself what is your agenda or your motive? Be very careful to not have underhanded intentions this month. Life will test your reasons for every move you make. Avoid setting yourself up for failure by being stubborn about what you want. 


Watch out for all the messages and signs you will receive this month. December is going to be all about communication. Every conversation is going to matter and choose to be present. 


December will be a month of uncomfortable growth. You probably will go through a rough period of shedding your skin to come into their full potential. Remember to rest a lot. The next few weeks are not for making plans for the future. It’s about focusing on yourself. 


Watch your health in December. Restoring a sense of mental, emotional and physical harmony should be your top priority in these last few weeks of December. Pay attention to everything that is happening. Make mental notes and tweak your plans based on information you receive. 


Life is on a “meant to be” track for you this month. You can either go on with a victim mentality or you can show up with a sense of responsibility towards yourself. You need to stop whining and get on with your life instead. 


Whatever decision you are about to make, don’t. You are choosing from misaligned thinking or false beliefs. You’re about to enter into an alliance or a space that has nothing to offer. The better option is to wait and let the next few weeks go by. 


Abundance is your frequency. Opportunities are limitless and all are available to you. Your intuition will guide you to the right place at the right time. Whether it’s a relationship that you are focussed on or it’s work. Watch your thoughts and make sure that you keep them optimistic


Everything is as it’s meant to be. If you are facing tough times, take peace in the fact that the chaos has a purpose and life is rearranging circumstances to pave the way to your goals. The next few weeks are about receiving blessings and more blessings. 


There is time for you to make your choice so there is no reason to rush things. Right now you need to wait and watch things play out. There’s information that will come to you in spurts over these last weeks of the year. 


You will shine and you will be acknowledged for who you are this month. December is starting off on a note of being seen by those who matter. Stay true to your beliefs and way of doing things. Your skills and mindset are the game changers this month.


Acceptance is your keyword. You have to accept what is and work from there. You tend to waste too much energy on how it could or should be. December will come with some big lessons on living with “what is”. Watch your need to constantly make things happen. 


change is going to continue to come your way. December is going to flow with it and it would be best to improvise and adapt for a little while longer. A lot is yet to be revealed as well as understood. Do not be in a hurry to make big plans for the way forward.

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