There have been times lately when it felt as if the entire world was against you but that was and is an illusion you need to get past. Not only is your long-term future bright but what goes down between now and the weekend will boost your self-esteem.


Recent events may have soured your outlook on life a little but don’t fall into the trap of believing it will always be like this. The world keeps turning and what comes around over the next few weeks will have you back smiling again.


Today will inspire you to do things in the world that are sure to make a name for yourself, but make sure you get noticed for the right reasons and that they are good reasons. Above all of this though, avoid making promises you can’t keep.


The more someone tries to hide their true feelings from you today the more you will know what is going on in both their head and their heart. You have a knack for recognizing those little signals that reveal whether or not you are being lied to. Listen to your intuition


Even though your confidence has been up and down lately, this weekend will encourage you to believe that the good times are coming back. There is no reason at all to worry about anything- just focus on having a good day today.


If someone makes a promise you don’t think they will be able to deliver today… you need to ask them to think again and adjust their expectations a little bit. Let them know you don’t need miracles from them, just their very best effort.


It seems that the harder you work the more work there is to do and you probably don’t even want to do anything anymore. I’m telling you, that would be a big mistake. You’re going to feel a different energy today that will change all of that “work” into something you really enjoy. 


Why are you still stressed out over details that you have no way of changing and that probably won’t make any difference to your life anyways? Forget about the small stuff today, tomorrow and over the weekend and focus only on the bigger picture.


You need to deal with a situation that is getting out of hand.. And you need to do it fast. Put any social plans you have made on hold for the next few days and devote yourself to putting right what has gone completely wrong.


You will be feeling confident about your chances both at home and at work today in whatever you chose to do. Just remember that the choices and plans you make for yourself can also affect your friends and family as well. Just don’t think on just the surface level today- consider everyone being affected.


Now that mercury is out of retrograde… a matter of some importance is now out of your hands and all you can do is go with the flow and adapt yourself to whatever events come about. The good news is you won’t be too unhappy with the new reality.


If it has reached the point where every time you make a suggestion to a friend or loved one… and they knock the idea every single time… that’s a sign you need to take some time away from this person.

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