Woman Verbally Abuses Starbucks Barista Over Mask Policy



Starbucks employees do not get paid enough to be treated like this IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC. Or ever, really.

Alex Beckom was serving a woman at her Starbucks store in Santee, Cal. and reminded the woman to adjust the face mask that was chillin' under her chin. The woman started yelling at Alex, accusing her of discrimination because she's a "Trump supporter". She continued her verbal abuse, shouting "F--- Black Lives Matter", COVID is "a hoax" and refusing to wear the mask properly. Alex handled this mess like a queen, calmly continuing to serve the woman then asking her to leave.

Starbucks has a nationwide face masks policy. Even if you walk in without a mask, I've seen that baristas will offer you one. The CDC is still recommending face coverings and it takes nothing to wear a mask for thirty minutes while you grocery shop or grab a PSL.

Watch what happened below.

Photo: Getty Images