The Drunken Monkey Is Officially Closed.. What's Next?!

We all had our chance to say goodbye to one of our favorite bars in Northern Colorado last weekend.. And wow, did NoCo show up or what? That DM was at capacity all night and the swings were swinging! Now that they've stopped, what's next? While the owners haven't made the next step public, I can tell you that they've got plans to more than double the square footage of what the DM used to be. I got a behind the scenes tour and without giving too much away until they're ready, it's going to be AWESOME! Soooo much bigger with an incredible layout and design.. There's really nothing like the new concept in Old Town and I can't wait to join you there in early 2020! As soon as we get the go ahead, we'll get you all of the info and tell you all that we know on what's next for that iconic Old Town establishment.