Phone Tag Flyaway 2018

Phone Tag Flyaway is back and bigger than ever!

Phone Tag Flyaway

As the temps cool...96.1 KISS FM and Ozzie's Body Shop want to send you some place warmer to see one of your favorite KISS FM artists! Listen weekdays at 11:05, 2:05, and 4:05 to qualify for an exclusive trip to see some of the BIGGEST KISS artists on the planet!

After you qualify, be listening to Big Rob on the Radio on Friday at 5:05. If he tags you on the air, call back within 9 minutes and 61 seconds and you win the trip! Turn on KISS FM to play and flyaway! With Ozzie's Body Shop and Northern Colorado's #1 Hit Music Station 96.1 KISS FM!

Week one: 

Jingle Ball
Bruno Mars
Phone Tag - Maroon 5
Phone Tag - Drake


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