The "Old Man" From Pawn Stars Is Dead At 77

Was just watching a marathon over the weekend so I was sad to learn this morning that Richard Harrison, aka the "Old Man" from the hit TV show Pawn Stars, passed away Monday morning at the age of 77. He moved Las Vegas in the early '80s and opened the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with his son, Rick. For his part, Rick posted a touching tribute to his dad on Facebook Monday, writing, "He will be remembered as the best father, grandfather and great-grandfather you could have by his family, and by fans as the sometimes grumpy (always loving, however), often wisecracking and voice of absolute reason on the History television show Pawn Stars.'" He was grumpy, but it seemed that he was grumpy in a very loving way! RIP Rich, hope you can make some big deals upstairs! 


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