Denver Nuggets Get The 14th Overall NBA Draft Pick

  • The Phoenix Suns, NOT the Denver Nuggets won the 2018 NBA draft lottery on Tuesday night, securing their first ever #1 overall pick in franchise history. ESPN reports that the Suns’ league-worst 21-61 season gave them the best odds to win the lottery. Nuggets odds were't too high to get the #1 but 14 isn't too bad.. 

  • 2018 Draft Pick Order (Top 14):
    1. Phoenix Suns
    2. Sacramento Kings
    3. Atlanta Hawks
    4. Memphis Grizzlies
    5. Dallas Mavericks
    6. Orlando Magic
    7. Chicago Bulls
    8. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Brooklyn Nets)
    9. New York Knicks
    10. Philadelphia 76ers (from Los Angeles Lakers)
    11. Charlotte Hornets
    12. Los Angeles Clippers (from Detroit Pistons)
    13. Los Angeles Clippers
    14. Denver Nuggets 


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