Do You Annoy Retailers?? LOL

Do retail workers secretly hate you? I feel like I'm constantly annoying them.. It's why I could never work retail LOL Here are 10 things you might be doing that upset them:

  1. When you try to take more than the allowed number of items into a fitting room.
  2. When you leave clothes in the fitting room instead of returning them to the attendant. 
  3. When you ask if someone works there, even though they're clearly wearing a name tag. (STOP!! LOL)
  4. When you're on the phone and talking to an associate at the same time. (RUDE)
  5. When you come in five minutes before the store closes. (Guilty..)
  6. When you mess up clothing displays that were just folded. (Costco hates me.. )
  7. When you demand to see a manager the second something doesn't go your way.
  8. When you ask an associate to look in the "back" for your specific size or color. (Isn't that the gig??)
  9. When you bring food and drinks into the store. 
  10. When you joke that something "must be free" because it doesn't scan or have a price tag. (Every. Time! LOL)


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