What Would It Take To Send Your Food Back?


Yes, sending food back can be uncomfortable.. Especially if you've seen the movie "waiting" LOL But would you really rather eat a meal that you're paying for that is completely wrong then tell your server it needs to be corrected? Not me! But this recent study shows that 3% of people wouldn't send it back even if it was 100% wrong! that's crazy! Look at these stats! 

1.  If there was a HAIR in your food, would you send it back?  15% said NO.  Another 7% said they weren't sure if they would or not. Really? LOL

2.  If your food came out on a dirty plate, would you send it back?  12% wouldn't, and another 8% weren't sure.  So that's one out of five people. NOPE! Send it back. 

3.  If your food was undercooked, would you send it back?  6% said no, plus 5% who weren't sure. Depends on what it is I guess.. I always send back OVER-cooked steaks. 

4.  If the ENTIRE MEAL was wrong, would you send it back?  3% said NO.  Another 4% said they might send it back, but they weren't sure. BS! SEND IT BACK! Don't be passive to this extreme people LOL


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