This Man Has Taken A Selfie Everyday Since 1987!

This story is a trip! Meet Karl Baden, a 64-year-old photography professor at Boston College who's taken a whopping 10,958 selfies--one a day over a span of 30 years. (That means he started taking selfies before they were even called selfies.) Baden sat in front of a white backdrop and took his first portrait on February 23, 1987. He has since taken an identical photo every single day for the past three decades, including when he underwent chemotherapy for cancer in the 2000s. Barden tells the AP that he has no plans of ending his project, appropriately titled "Every Day," anytime soon. He does admit, however, that it is actually missing one day: October 15, 1991. "It was a dumb moment of forgetfulness," he admits. I take a picture of my son everyday.. But not me LOL (BTW This pic below isn't Karl.. It's just the only "Selfie" picture we had on file haha)

A man poses for a selfie outside U.S. District Court in Downtown LA Monday where former Sheriff Lee Baca appeared for a hearing in advance of his retrial on corruption charges. Photo by Eric Leonard


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