Did Justin Bieber Pee His Pants? LOL

Yesterday (weds) in a West Hollywood parking lot, a paparazzo tried to ask Justin Bieber if he was still pissed at The Weeknd for stealing his ex, Selena Gomez. But it was a literal form of piss--which evidently formed a big stain on Bieber's sweats--that got everyone's attention. "Biebs was cruisin' along Wednesday in WeHo in $400 sweats that will now resell on eBay for either a lot more or a lot less," quipped TMZ. As Elite Daily points out, Bieber was also photographed walking around with the same stain while drinking a green drink. (In fairness, maybe he spilled it.) The lettering on his sweats read, "Eleven Inch Gun Club," so you know Biebs boasts a potent tool with which to soil his trousers.

Watch the video and see for yourself HERE


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