Ever Pick A Drink Based On How A Breakup Went? LOL

Did you just dump someone or get your heart broken by the love of your life? Then drink up! To this end, Elite Daily has come up with the following list of six types of booze to drink based on how your breakup went down:

The “it’s not me, it’s you” breakup. Drink of choice: vodka-Red Bull. Red Bull keeps you going, while the vodka makes it easier to announce you’re single and ready to mingle.

The ghosting breakup. Drink of choice: Adios Motherf**ker. This is the drink you order when you’re on a mission to get ridiculously wasted. Your ego is bruised, and you need to feel better. So why not say, “YOLO!” and hop back on Tinder for an instant feel-good hookup?

The mutual breakup. Drink of choice: red wine. It’s a bummer, but you need to feel your feelings in order to process, accept and move on. Red wine can dull the pain, get you to let out some tears and even help you admit to yourself that you knew it wasn’t going to work out.

The first-love breakup. Drink of choice: A handle of vodka. The majority of the time, this handle of alcohol is disgusting because it’s so cheap. But you’re young, have no money and, frankly, don’t care. All you want to do is forget and numb the pain that is your broken heart because you will never love again.

The ultimatum breakup. Drink of choice: Fireball or whiskey. You gave them an ultimatum, and you weren’t picked. You need to be able to feel the burn in your chest when you take that shot, because you are so pissed!

They cheated, so it’s over breakup. Drink of choice: shots of tequila. You’ve been burned on the highest level, and you’re drinking to forget. Pretty soon, the tequila starts working. Before you know it, shots turn into body shots, and you’re letting that fine-looking thing in the corner buy you your next round.

All about the JD baby.. Mmmmmmmmmm 


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