In the mag, celebrity profiler Jodie Foster had this to say about J-Law: "You'll remember where you were when you first felt it, how you were stuck to one spot like a small animal considering its end. The Jennifer Lawrence Stare. It cuts a searing swath in your gut. A reckoning. I remember going to the cutting rooms of Winter's Bone. I thought, Sure, this girl can act. But, man, this girl can also just be. All of those painful secrets in her face, the feeling that there's some terrible past that's left impossibly angled bone and weariness in its wake." 

Justin Timberlake called Jimmy Fallon "a brilliant comedian. A talented musician. A spot-on impersonator."

Of J.T., Stevie Wonder said, "His star power comes from the fact that he sounds like he's having fun when he makes music, and he can read a song -- meaning as a singer or songwriter you can feel the emotion."

And Claire Danes calls Girls creator and star Lena Dunham "unflinchingly, unnervingly honest." 

Other celebs on the list include Jay-Z, BeyonceLindsey Vonn, Daniel Day-Lewis, Steven Spielberg, Mindy Kaling and Bryan Cranston. Among the world leaders on the list are President Obama, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Pope Francis