Sometimes when interpreting work emails, you've got to read between the lines. Thought Catalog put together a list of 21 things you say in work emails, and what they really mean. Here's the top 10:


  1. I’m wondering if I could pick your brain about something:Help me, please, I am dying.
  2. Looking forward to your thoughts!: Respond to me promptly, a**hole.
  3. Just wanted to follow up: Why the F have you not responded to my last note.
  4. I happened to notice your great work on ____ : I’ve spent 3+ hours painstakingly researching your past work in an attempt to ingratiate myself with you.
  5. That’s fair: You win this round, Dr. Doom…
  6. Let’s circle back on this: I can’t deal with you right now.
  7. Great! (1 exclamation point): Sure, whatever.
  8. Great!! (2 exclamation points): I agree, and want you to like me.
  9. Great!!!!!! (3+ exclamation points): Either I am desperately trying to ingratiate myself with you, or have just had my fourth cup of coffee.
  10. Great. (no explanation points): I hate you.

i can think of a few more but don't wanna single out any bad emailers I currently deal with.. ;)