Buzzfeed has compiled an extensive list of the things that girls say and what they actually mean. Here are my favorite 10..

1. Do I look OK? -- If you say anything other than yes, I’ll be upset.
  1. 2. Nothing is wrong. -- There’s definitely something wrong. 
  2. 3. I'm fine. -- I'm not fine.
  3. 4. I’m over it. -- No, I’m not. 
  4. 5. I, like, honestly don’t even care. -- I care so much.
  5. 6. Things got weird between us. -- They haven’t texted me in like, a day.
  6. 7. This salad is so filling. -- I would give anything for a burger.
  7. 8. I love your dress. -- I’m pissed that you bought it before me.
  8. 9. Do you think I’m emotional? -- Do you think I’m crazy?
  9. 10. Am I overreacting? -- I know I’m overreacting but I want you to support me anyway.

Agree? Lol