Getting a tramp stamp is tacky, but as far as locations on the body where one can conceivably get a tattoo, it ranks only 10th. According to Deadspin, here are the 10 trashiest places to get a tattoo:

  1. Top of the boob (Defacing what your mama gave you! LOL)
  2. Side of the head (Yup.)
  3. Fingers (Knuckles? Yeah...)
  4. Inside of your lip (Dirty thinks this one is tight)
  5. On your rear end ("Exit only"?)
  6. Teardrop under eye (I don't wanna get beat up so no comment :D)
  7. Underboob (Who's gonna see it?)
  8. Front of neck (Permanent name tag?)
  9. Back of neck (Know my name while checking out my butt ha)
  10. Tramp stamp (not too bad...)

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More Ugly Tattoos

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