Wedding Journal Part 2:

While there were A LOT of amazing people at our wedding.. Every single one of them very special to us both.. There were a few surprises that we don't see often.. People that were there when it all started.. Or that helped turn my crazy ass around. My "Rink Family" was there from Roller Express in Thornton where I was given my first Microphone at 11 years old.. Plus many friends and family who we don't get to see that often..

But these two knuckleheads above were a great surprise! Meet Officers Rory Coonts, and Dave Boal of the Thornton Police Department.. 2 guys that were extremely familiar with that punk kid they had to deal with back at Niver Creek Middle School.. And Vantage Point Campus.. Ya see, I wasn't always a well mannered good guy... I had my issues with authority figures like a lot of teens do at that age.. But these guys never gave up and were constantly supporting me and encouraging me to always do better and reach for the stars.. Well I did. And I think I did pretty good for myself ha! Thanks boys! On a side note, now that we're all adults, I'll be making bathtub booze with them on Saturday night haha

I have a story about many of the people who attended on Saturday, and could literally tell you stories all night! Instead I'll say thanks again to all of those who came to celebrate with us! Was a night we'll NEVER forget.. Mostly because of all who showed to celebrate with us. THANK YOU!

Maybe tomorrow I'll show you a picture of my beautiful bride :)

Giddy up!!