People will do anything for love, even creepy things. In that spirit, a writer at Thought Catalog has compiled 21 testimonials from women who've engaged in bizarre behavior for a crush. Here are the top 10 horror stories to get you started..

  1. Katie: She had a crush on a trainer and purchased a workout package with him despite not having that kind of money to spare.
  2. Emily: She added a bunch of data to her cell plan on the chance that she and a guy would start sexting.
  3. Simone: She has to be careful not to recite things to her crushes that she's learned while stalking them online.
  4. Sara: She created a fake LinkedIn account because that was the only social media he used.
  5. Amelia: She rearranged her entire schedule so she'd be serving coffee when he came into the shop.
  6. Jackie: She researched Lebanon because he was Lebanese.
  7. Heather: She acted like she was studying outside for an entire semester just so that she could have small talk with him.
  8. Olivia: She's used ancient practices to enter into a man's dreams.
  9. Tamia: She would drive by a guy's house blasting Missy Elliott's "Work It" to look cool.
  10. Kellie: She catfished a guy even though she actually liked him. 

What have YOU done?