Ladies, if you're looking for validation that your relationship's going well, Thought Catalog has come up with some signs that tell you you've got a great boyfriend. Here are their top 10.. I think I'm a greta BF after reading this :)


  1. He is your #1 fan. He may not carry pompoms, but you he makes you feel like a superstar. 
  2. Even during your loser moments, he's still very proud of you. Even if you feel like a pathetic loser, he will make you feel like a winner.
  3. He does not fail to text and call you. He even sends simple “good morning” and “good night” messages, and silly reminders to eat breakfast, dinner and lunch.
  4. You seem to have a personal doctor. He knows your health conditions and restrictions. He has also memorized the medicines you take.
  5. He hates it when you cry. He feels really terrible, like he's the worst guy in the world.
  6. A bird? A plane? Superman? No. He is just your guy. He is your unmasked superhero, your angel in disguise.
  7. He does not get angry with you when you are too busy. He understands the nature of your work and cheers you up when you feel tired.
  8. He gives you inspiration. Just thinking about him makes you want to do better and strive further if your life and career.
  9. He is your biggest support system. He makes you feel good when you feel nervous and comforts you when the world is against you.
  10. Religion is never a BIG issue between the two of you. Yes, you may argue about it a little--but very seldom.

I'm a total catch :)