The gangstas at the Huff Post have compiled a list of 10 signs that your relationship is pretty much dunzo. In case you needed a check lise.. Here they are:

  • Your number one source of stress is your significant other.
  • You can't see yourself being with your S.O. for the long haul.
  • There's a breakdown in communication -- and that's OK with you.
  • You're happier alone than with your partner.
  • You are your partner's sounding board -- and little more.(wtf does that mean?)
  • You think about breaking up.
  • Your partner tries to corral you away from you family and friends.
  • Your S.O. constantly threatens to end it. 
  • You feel like an option in your S.O.'s life.
  • When it comes to how you live your life, your partner is firmly in the driver's seat.

So.. How ya doing?