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We always love hearing from people who listen to us from places other than Northern Colorado using the iHeartRadio App. Normally, we hear from listeners who listen to Colorado's #1 Hit Music Station in other states. Our sister station 100.7 KOLT FM has a loyal fan base from Los Angeles, California. But I was surprised to get a handwritten letter from Canada today.

Marco sent us this letter today, saying he listens to us on iHeartRadio in Ottawa, located in the great province of Ontario, Canada.

Marco is particularly fond of listening to Deanna. Take a look at his letter below: 

In case you can't read it, it says: 

Dear Awesome radio people at KSME: 

Bet you haven't received an actual handwritten fan letter in a really long time. (Especially one with really cool stickers on the envelope.) However I'm sending this letter to let you know how amazing you are! Thank goodness I found you online. Radio here in Ottawa Canada is okay, but nothing compares to you guys, particularly Deanna. She is awesome! 

A huge fan 


Ottawa, Ontario 


Thank you Marco for listening to us in the Great White North! We'll be sending you something special in the mail here soon!