WOW! It was really good! Safe Haven comes out Feb 14th (Fellas, PERFECT Valentine's Day movie to take your girl to!) BUT, if you think you are in for just another "chick flick" ... WRONG! There is a LOT of action in this movie! It turns into a thriller and had me on edge of my seat. Not to mention an ending that will make your jaw DROP to the floor! It's based off the book written by Nicholas Sparks (who also did the Notebook, Dear John, A Walk To Remember and more). I was really impressed with the movie and also Julianne Hough's performance. After the screening, I got to hang with the cast and Nicholas Sparks himself!! Including, Julianne Hough( <----- my new celeb crush) and Josh Duhamel too! Follow the movie on Twitter and Instagram @SafeHavenMovie !!!