Tinder, I guess, is the go-to hoookup ap because it's easy to use and targets hotties in your surrounding neighborhoods. However, some (read: most) of the prospects are downright gross. The Miami New Timeshas compiled a list of 10 guys that you're bound to meet on Tinder -- for better or for worse. Any of these sound familiar?

  • The Liar. His profile reads "Age: 27" but by the looks of his receding hairline and pronounced crows feet, he's obviously 45.
  • The Incestual Guy. All of his photos are with a hot girl that he claims is a family member.
  • The "Awww" Guy. This guy is usually embracing his dog in an adorable profile pic. 
  • The Faceless. In lieu of a giant smile, this weirdo presents a stock photo of a Mardi Gras mask.
  • The Serial Killer. For some reason, this guy refuses to smile in any of his photos and looks like a criminal featured on Dateline.
  • The Shameless Hottie. He's so good-looking that he expects an enthusiastic response when he messages you something filthy.. 
  • The Poser. This guy pays his 5-year-old nephew to pose with him so that he gives off the vibe of a sweet family-oriented man.
  • The Accident. He's the gorgeous guy who got away because you were swiping too fast in an attempt to skip the ugly prospects.
  • The Douche. This guy wears white, thick-framed glasses, loves LMFAO and thinks he's the life of the party. He's not.  
  • The Head Shot. "No, it can't be," you think. But it is! This guy's profile photo is a closeup of his uh.. well, you know.

Just a heads up in case you get bored and give this crazy new app a whirl.. Although, I'd probably advise against it.. HA!