Groceries by basykes, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  basykes 

The worst part of grocery shopping is always the checkout line, usually thanks to one of these 11 characters who always manage to ruin everyone's day:

  1. The person who needs to know the cashier's entire life story.
  2. The person who uses a million coupons.
  3. The woman who takes an hour to fish out money in her purse.
  4. The shopper who realizes she's forgotten something.
  5. The person who should be at the express lane.
  6. The person who's in the express lane despite having too many items.
  7. The credit-card-using shopper with the super-slow signature.
  8. The person who cuts you off to get in line ahead of you.
  9. The person who asks a thousand questions about one product.
  10. The person who buys only whole foods and makes you feel bad about your junk food.
  11. The mom who thinks she can cut in front of you because she's got a kid with her.

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