Wedding journal Part 3

We had a lot of really special people in our wedding.. I've been blessed with some amazing friends over the years.. It was seriously tough to narrow it down.. I wanted 10 groomsmen.. The Wife (I like saying that btw :) HAHA) said nope.. So I had to narrow it down.. I'm sure I made a few people mad but they have to know they're still my boys!! Who were my favorite people standing with us though? Our two adorable little girls Destini and Hailey.. Precious right?? 

They threw those flowers like true pros! And probably had more fun then any of the grown ups haha. They even had their own dance with all of the other kiddo's in attendance. Seeing these two dressed up so beautiful and enjoying the night so much meant everything to me. I told Hailey on her birthday this year that even though I haven't been there from the start.. That I'd love her and her sister until the end.. Someday she'll understand :)


OK.. I PROMISE a pic of the beautiful bride.. TOMORROW :) 

Love ya!