Are you the office outcast? You may be, especially if you've got an inflated sense of self-worth or you're just ignorant to how your bosses and coworkers perceive you. Here's Business Insider's 10-point checklist to help you determine if you actually suck at your job:

  1. You're always late.
  2. You make a lot of excuses. 
  3. You complain about unexpected assignments. 
  4. You love to gossip. 
  5. You're convinced you're the smartest person in the office. 
  6. You don't believe in your company's mission or values. 
  7. You're noticeably less productive than your colleagues.
  8. Your colleagues clearly don't enjoy working with you.
  9. You find yourself regularly apologizing to clients--or having your boss do it for you.
  10. You can't take "no" for an answer. 
  11.  BR bonus! You constantly throw other staff members under the bus when you don't get your way.. Can you relate? Lol