Did your first time absolutely suck? If it's any consolation, at least the entire world doesn't know all the embarrassing details. Here are eight celebrities whose intimate affairs have been spilled in the press:
  • Taylor Swift to Jake Gyllenhaal. Taylor was reportedly so smitten that she gave up her virginity to Jake after three months of dating. When he was a no-show at her birthday party, she was devastated.
  • Kim Kardashian to TJ Jackson. Kim started taking birth control pills at the young age of 14 and allegedly lost her virginity that same year to Michael Jackson's nephew, TJ Jackson
  • Joe Jonas to Ashley Greene. Joe once wore a purity ring and vowed he wouldn't have sex until he was married. Things changed when he was 20 and met a Twilight actress he couldn't resist.
  • Jessica Simpson to Nick Lachey. Jessica was very open about maintaining her virginity until marriage. She wed former 98 Degrees heartthrob Nick in 2002. The couple separated in 2005.
  • Mandy Moore to Wilmer Valderrama. "Fez" from That '70s Show famously announced in a radio interview with Howard Stern Show that he was the first man to have sex with Mandy.
  • Paris Hilton to Randy Spelling. The heiress reportedly lost her virginity at age 15 to Tori Spelling's brother, Randy, in a hotel room.
  • Jessica Alba to Michael Weatherly. The actress remained a virgin until age 18. Things changed when she got together with her much older Dark Angel co-star ...Michael Weatherly. They dated for four years and were briefly engaged.
  • Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber. Selena's ex reportedly told pals that he knew his girlfriend was in love with him when "she gave me her virginity." 
  • Big Rob.. TOP SECRET ;)