Honest question.. Is there anything as simultaneously thrilling, terrifying and dreadful as having a crush? Nope--but just to show you you're not alone with your feelings, Buzzfeed has outlined a list of the 11 stages of having a crush:



  1. It begins, and you never saw it coming.
  2. You start freaking out whenever your crush walks by.
  3. Conversations with your crush become super-awkward.
  4. You'll try to play it cool.
  5. You'll post some cute pics on Instagram and hope your crush sees them.
  6. You start to feel like your life is one, big roller coaster.
  7. You start acting all "whatever" about your crush.
  8. You start texting your crush way too much.
  9. In an effort to reduce texting, you'll change your crush's name in your phone. (Won't help.)
  10. Finally, you'll try to start playing hard to get... but you'll fail.
  11. You and your crush will finally get a chance to hang out--and it will be awesome!

Poor Dirty has all of these lol She'll never like him back though!! Ha