It's considered rude to comment on how short somebody is. But for some inexplicable reason, people seem to have no qualms making remarks about a woman who is taller than average. Buzzfeed has compiled a list of the most obnoxious things that tall girls hear on the regular. Here are 10 (for the full list, check out the link): 


  1. "You're so tall!"  

  1. "How tall are you?!" 

  1. "It must be hard to wear heels."  

  1. "You make me feel short."  

  1. "Share some of the height!"  

  1. "You should stand in the back for this picture."  

  1. "You walk too fast."  

  1. "It must be hard finding someone to date."  

  1. "Do you actually like being this tall?" 

  1. "You'd be so good at sports."