There's nothing more frustrating than an email left unanswered. But is it really the recipient's fault? Not if you fail to adhere to these 10 tips for ensuring that your emails get a reaction, courtesy of Buzzfeed: 


  1. Write clear and specific subject lines. 

  1. Write "quick question" in the subject line--and mean it. 

  1. Never leave the subject line blank. 

  1. Send your email between 2-5 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 

  1. Don't lead with a bunch of small talk. 

  1. Put only one name in the "To" field. 

  1. Give the recipient a deadline to respond. 

  1. Remember that somebody's probably reading your email on a smartphone. 

  1. Use bullet points or make a numbered list. 

  1. Maybe don't use email at all, and try reaching the person through social media instead.