Relationship website has some advice for singles that's sure to raise some eyebrows: Stop aiming so high. According to dating coach Julie Fermon, men and women have their own expectations that often set them up for rejection and disappointment. Here's her straight-forward advice:


Expectations that are keeping lots of women single. 


          • "I'm used to being with a wealthy man, who enjoys fine dining, traveling first class and who's always dressed well." Sounds nice, but how long ago was it that this type of man was chasing after you? Are these kinds of men knocking on your door today? If not, then expecting this to happen might be setting yourself up for plenty of disappointment.

          •  "I've always been with very attractive men." Lovely, but is the phone you're using today buzzing with hunky Clooney types who are hot to date you now?


Expectations that are keeping lots of men single. 

  • "I've always been with much younger women." Goodie for you, but how's that working for you these days? The older a man is, the less likely the much younger woman will be to give him a shot. 

  • "I like being with a very attractive woman." Of course you do, but do they like being with you? Are the women you're attracted to giving you a shot these days? Are these very attractive women showing you respect, appreciation, attention and devotion? If not, you're setting yourself up for a waste of time.