Relationship website YourTango has put together a list of six signs that you're dating a douchebag. If any of these sound familiar, then you need to ditch the dude ASAP:  


  • Your friends give him a thumbs down. The only people who like douchebags are their mothers and other douchebags. 

  • His ego is bigger than his heart. He's cocky and believes he's entitled to much more in life than he has, despite not having earned it.  

  • It's all about the BenjaminsHe talks about money a lot -- but more oftentimes than not, he doesn't have any.  

  • He thinks he's a cast member on Jersey Shore. He drinks like a fish, checks out other women and still gets into fist fights.  

  • He operates on DST: Douche Standard Time. His priority is him and him only. He only fits you in if it is convenient.