Think before you speak is great advice, especially when it comes to talking to your boss.


1-"I need a raise." Your employer doesn't care about your money struggles, but they may want to reward success. So if you want a raise, show your boss why you're valuable to the company.

2-"That just isn't possible." Instead of saying, "We can't get this done by Friday," say, "We can for sure get this done by Monday." When you talk to your boss have a solution, not another problem. They have enough problems.

3-"I can't stand working with _______." Complaining about coworkers actually makes you look worse than the person you're complaining about.

4-"I partied too hard last night…I'm so hungover." Take some aspirin and suck it up….this is your boss you're talking too.

5-"But I emailed you about that last week." If there's a problem that needs to be addressed, don't just email it and forget about it. Until you get a response that says it's handled, follow-up.

6-"It's not my fault." Are you a child? Take responsibility and get it fixed. This isn't 3rd grade. If you keep getting blamed for something that's not your fault, find a solution and get it fixed so it stops happening.

7-"I don't know." If you actually don't know, the right answer is, "I'll find out right away."

8-"But we've always done it this way." Be open to new ideas, don't kill them with negativity.

9-"Let me set you up with..." Don't play matchmaker for your single boss. The risk is far greater than the potential reward. This could go south quickly.