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So I turn 28 on Friday, it isn’t a big deal but I realized talking to my family over the holidays that I haven’t been in a relationship for 4 or 5 years.  I WAS in a long-term relationship through my first undergrad with a lovely young lady who broke up with me a few months after I graduated in 2008.
  After that relationship ended I managed to recklessly BUT enjoyably sleep with a considerable amount of women single, married and otherwise (Not too many, but enough). I would meet these generous woman everywhere: GIGS, Grocery Stores, coffee shops, the high end SHOE STORE I worked in and even the FUNERAL HOMES I worked in while trying to be a professional drummer in the midwest.
One of my my new year’s resolution is to go on more dates and meet more woman that actually have something interesting to say and aren’t the gross ASU debutant skanks that one generally sees parading through Tempe on any given thursday night waiting to be swept off their feet by some drunk and C*nty frat guy with a neatly pressed “Affliction” t-shirt…
ANYWAY with that being said…I think its time for me to meet a mature woman that might have something more interesting to share with me other than what her and her friends did in high school 2 years ago…PLUS my retired parents might sleep easier knowing that I’m not gay… That’s what’s happening right now :)

WOW! CHVRCHES …I’m loving this album so much here is a taste…It is perfect..Here is gun:
You made it weird - MY VIDEO..IT’S HOTT! -
RICH WILL DIG THIS!  A CRAZY GUITAR BATTLE - The technical side of this is disgusting…it is a 2 minute solo that IS BANANAS… It is from a new animated rock opera!