Some folks are having fun posting hilarious text messages from their not-so tech-savvy parents.

One confused mother sent a text that said, 'Please stop changing the google logo so much. I like the original one,” and her kid replied, 'Mom I don't change the logo. Google changes it'.

It goes on: 'You don't run the google?' - prompting her kid to joke: 'If I did I wouldn't be driving a 2004 Ford.'

Another tech-troubled mother informs her child by text that their 'great aunt just passed away LOL'.

After being told the three-letter word stands for 'laugh out loud', the horrified woman writes: 'Oh my goodness! I sent that to everyone. I thought it meant lots of love. I have to call everyone back.'

And one father's text to his son, 'You left your phone at home', backfired as he sent it to the device that had been left behind.