The average single girl is not ready to have sex with a new partner until the fifth date.

The typical woman needs four dates to judge a potential new boyfriend, using a mental checklist of questions like : Is he trustworthy? Do we click? Can he make me laugh?

A woman will also look for warning signs before taking things further, and here’s a list of things she expects and looks out for:


What Women Want Before the First Time:

-Five dates

-Two gifts or tokens of affection

-Five social media messages

-12 text conversations

-Five phone calls

-Three DVDs watched

-Seven passionate kisses

-Five heart-to-hearts or meaningful chats

-Four meals together

-One bunch of flowers


The Ultimate Dating Turn-Offs:

-Body odor

-No chemistry

-Looking at other women

-Being rude to bar or restaurant staff

-Not seeming interested in conversation

-Selfish talker or poor listener

-Talking about exes

-Awkward silences

-Texting during a date

-Seeming needy